For the 2020 Relentless Club Season, after much debate and discussion we have decided to forgo participation in USAV/KRVA for most if not all teams in the club. (*See below, teams MAY opt-in to KRVA at additional cost.)

The primary reasons are:

1) AAU provides much greater simplicity of participation for players, coaches and club administrators.
2) The steady decline in consistency and quality of USAV sanctioned single day events. 
3) The steady rise in availability and quality of AAU single day events in both Western and Eastern Pa along with self-insured venues such as Millersville University and Cool Springs that do not require USAV membership.  
4) The conversion of a majority of large multi-day events from USAV Sanctioning to AAU, JVA sanctioning or to self-insured.  All of these permit our participation without requiring USAV Membership. 
Multi-day Events that are AAU or JVA include: MLK Challenge, Steel City Freeze, Blue Ribbon Brawl, Irish Rumble, MAPL York, AAU Grand Prix, Boardwalk Block Party, Happy Volley, AAU Nationals
5) Increasingly burdensome USAV red tape for coaches, players and administrators along with high cost and decreasing value of membership.
6) Cost Savings for our Club Members: Savings of $55 per player for Individual USAV membership plus $10-$20 per player savings on Coach, Team and Administrator USAV membership cost. 
7) Much greater flexibility and freedom in team formation. 

This decision provides simplicity and savings while continuing to provide a suitable level of competition for the majority of our teams. 

Teams may OPT IN to playing KRVA events. This would require all team players to obtain a $55 KRVA/USAV membership plus additional costs to cover associated Team and Coach related expenses, completion of USAV online Scorekeepers certification by all players.  Also would require a separate offer and acceptance protocol.

Teams choosing to participate in events such as Northeast Qualifier, Capitol Hill Classic and East Coast Championships or other single or multi-day USAV events will be required to obtain USAV Membership. 

** If you have already obtained a KRVA/USAV tryout membership and submitted your registration: 
We will be reimburse for the $15 tryout membership under the following conditions.
1) You accept an offer to a Relentless Team.
2) Your Relentless team does not opt-in to USAV participation.
3) You did not tryout for any other clubs that required USAV tryout membership.


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