MISSION STATEMENT: Through our shared passion for volleyball we will love and serve our players with excellence and humility to develop confidence and competence helping them to develop their God given potential.

We have been taking a long look at ways to REDUCE player dues for this season! 
Cost Savings will come primarily from:
1) Pulling Regular Season Open Gym costs out of dues for all players.  Regular Season Open Gyms will now be pay as you go to cover gym fees and additional coaching. 
2) Savings on USAV Team and Coach Membership Expenses (These will be charged back to teams opting to participate in KRVA/USAV events)
3) Gym rental savings resulting primarily from: Reducing Jan practice times from 2.5hr to 2hr, Less use of higher cost per court gym time, Replacing Boot Camp with a shorter "Team Day" in early January
4) Ability to pass along savings this year due to carry over from last season
5) Saving on coach travel expenses by scheduling more single day events that are closer. 
 This year fundraising can be done to cover up to your full dues payment amount.. There will be no "mandatory fundraising amount." All dues this year will be classified as dues. (Last year the total amount due was split between "dues" and "mandatory fundraising".)  Any fundraising done by an individual above the level of your full dues payment will belong to the club general fund.  

BASE TEAM COSTS: Base team cost shown is PER PLAYER
These costs are approximate and may vary based on the final tournament schedule and the number of players on the team. The base team cost tier will be included in offers.  Team schedule tiers may be modified depending upon final team composition and consultation with team families.

Included:  All practices including Open Gyms between team selection and Jan practices, coaching, practice equipment, gym rentals, tournament entry fees, club administrative costs. 
NOT included: Uniforms, player and family travel expenses, players personal gear such as shoes, knee pads etc, Regular Season Open Gyms 

Estimated Per Player Cost Basis: 
Max Per Player Team Costs Based on 9 Player Roster, A Head Coach and Assistant Coach and 3 teams sharing the C3 Gym at one time.  
Tier 2,3 and 4 Team Expenses can vary GREATLY especially for travel expense for One Head Coach vs Head Coach and Assistant Coach
Actual Costs may be lower pending total number of teams sharing the gym, roster size (goal is 10 player rosters) and whether the team has both a head and assistant coach or just a head coach (ideally we will have 2 coaches for each team.)

12U -         Est $475-$525 Includes 4 single day AAU events, practice 2x per week*. Season will end with AAU Grand Prix in Lancaster - Single Day
TIER 1 -   Est $775-$850 Includes 6 single day events, practice 2x per week*. Most Regional level teams plus 13 National. 
TIER 2 -   Est $870-$975 - Includes 1 2-day event (AAU Grand Prix), 5 single day events, practice 2x per week.*  15U-18U Regional/American level teams 
                   Upgrade to 2 - 2 Day (AAU Grand Prix +1), 4 Single day - Cost Est  $970 - $1,100
TIER 3 -    Est $1,100- $1,350 Includes 3 2-day events (Steel City Freeze, MAPL York, Boardwalk Block Party) and 4 single day events - 14 Gold, 16U-18U American?
                   Upgrade to 4 - 2 Day (Those above +1) and 3 single day events - Cost Est $1,195 - $1,475
TIER 4 -   Est $1,375 - $1,775 Includes 5 multi-day events (MLK Challenge, Steel City Freeze, Capitol Hill Classic OR NEQ, MAPL York, Boardwalk Block Party) and 2 
                   single day events.  
Schedule can be upgraded to include more multi-day events if desired including HV and AAU Nationals.


REGULAR SEASON OPEN GYM COSTS: In season open gyms will be pay as you go. We are working on implementing a Guest Coach series in partnership with another club to bring in college coaches and other outstanding local coaches for our Open Gyms. More details coming soon!  Costs: TBD

ADDED EVENT COSTS: Approximate Team Cost for adding/replacing events in a team schedule:  These cost include - Tournament Entry, Additional Coach Compensation, Coach Travel Expense and Administrative Cost. 
                  Single Day Event: $45/$55 depending on distance
                  Irish Rumble, AAU Grand Prix, MAPL York - 
                  Steel City Freeze -
                  Niagra Frontier Can-Am, Shamrock Festival -
                  MLK Challenge (3 day) -
                  NEQ or Capitol Hill Classic (3 day) -
                  Boardwalk Block Party - (2 day)
                  Happy Volley (3 day, State College) -  Cost also includes extra gym rental for practices, added coaches compensation.
                  AAU Nationals (4 day, Orlando Fl) - Cost also includes extra gym rental for practices, coaches' airfare. Assumes team "house" arrangement where coaches will be
                  housed along with parents. Otherwise coach hotel costs will be added.   



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