2020 Fundraising will be an OPT-IN program.  Profit from fundraisers will be credited to your club dues account UP TO the total amount of club dues.  Funds raised in excess of club dues will be applied to the general club fund.  
See NCAA link regarding maintaining amateur status


We plan again this year to utilize multiple fundraising options including:

Sponsorships (Business or Individual)  - Click Here for Business Sponsorship Form

Grill Sticky Sales
Marianna's Hoagie/Pizza Sales
Tournament Concessions

2019 marked the first year that we implemented fundraising for our Relentless teams. Many players were able to raise a substantial amount of club dues through fundraising.  Some families embraced the opportunity to advertise their businesses to like minded individuals through club sponsorship.  Others choose to opt out of fundraising by simply self-sponsoring their participation.  In the process we learned a lot and will be simplifying the process this year. 

2019 Fundraising HIGHLIGHTS!
$18,226.40 Raised by players! 
76 Total Business and Individual Sponsors
$3,245.50 Raised through Grilled Sticky Sales
                837 Double Boxes of Grill Stickies Sold
                6 Families made over $100 profit with one family earning $418 profit toward dues!
$2,055.90 Raised through Marianna's Hoagies and Pizza's
                952 Combined Hoagies and Pizzas sold
                8 Families made over $84 profit with one family earning $343.60 profit toward dues!
We were also able to uses excess funds to bless several families in need due to the generosity of our players and families.  

That is a lot of grilled stickies!


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