This page will hopefully give you some insight into how we generally expect to see players develop and move on through our travel program.


The objective of IPV travel teams is to lay a solid foundation to launch players well prepared to the next level of play (beyond 8th grade/14U level).
For some that comes after completing their 8th grade season, the exceptions are the few players who are ready after their 7th grade season. It is a rare player who is has the combination of physical size and strength, skills, maturity and applied understanding of the game to be truly ready to move to that next level earlier that that.

Take for example our IPV Varsity team from 2 seasons ago. That group worked hard, learned the systems that we taught and was successful but not dominant in the middle school tournaments. We had a solid run at Happy Volley. The core of the 8th graders from that team moved on to blend in with another group of strong players their age and step into roles as starters and consistent contributors on a highly successful 15 Open team last year. They were well prepared to be pushed to higher levels of play and more intricate concepts. Two 7th graders from that season also moved on last year as 8th graders to contribute at the next level as well.

Our JV team 2 years ago was challenged but also found some success at the JV level. Last season some of the youngest JV players from the previous season continued on that team taking on more leadership of that team and were able to swing sometimes over to Varsity. Many kids who were JV players two years ago stepped up and took over the primary Varsity positions last season along with some of the returning 8th graders from the previous varsity season. Those groups also worked hard and improved and found success at the middle school tournaments but did not "dominate." This tells me we are doing a lot of things right, but also well within the range of competition that we need.


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