Tournament Information
The links below provide information about upcoming tournaments. Specific pool play information and instructions regarding expected arrival times for players etc will be emailed to you by your coach. This information typically become available to coaches between 3-10 days prior to the event. 

Team tournament schedules can be found on each individual team page. Team page schedules have live links to information pages for most events.  TEAM PAGES

AAU Events:

Volleyball East (the majority of our AAU events in Eastern PA)
Western PA AAU - Pdf list of event with available details

2020 Relentless Multi-Day Event Web-sites:

Antietam AAU Grand Prix - Feb 22-23
Blue Ribbon Brawl - Feb 29- Mar 1
Mid Atlantic AAU Grand Prix - Mar 28 - 12s; Apr 4-5  (16s)
Boardwalk Block Party - April 25-26 (17s)
Happy Volley - May 23-25

KRVA Events:   N/A for 2020 Season
KRVA Sanctioned Events
KRVA Sanctioned Event Site Addresses

Hotel Information for 2020 Multi-Day Events
Some multi-day events are "Stay To Play."  These events require team members to reserve rooms through tournament appointed hotel providers at specific hotels as a condition for entry. Each team should have a designated team parent as the "Hotel Coordinator".  The Hotel Coordinator will work with team parents to identify and book blocks of hotels rooms. 


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