We must provide work teams for one or two matches at all tournaments.  

ALL PLAYERS must learn how to line judge, down ref and keep score. In lieu of taking 2 hrs or so out of practice time or scheduling another meeting we instead require players to take the online training courses instead. This allows you to stop and start and complete on your own time.  ALL PLAYERS will be expected to know how to perform each task and be prepared to do so. Working matches is mandatory for the team and all players will take turns and participate. Normally 5-6 players must work each set when we are the "work team".  

USAV REGISTERED PLAYERS -13R, 13G, 14R, 14G, 15G, 16R, 17G Below are links to online training materials provided by USAV. These videos are only accessible to USAV members.  The rules and procedures are the same for KRVA and AAU.   Many of the videos are only 5-12 min long. A few are 20-25 min.  You can ignore the "First Referee" module. 

Here is the link to get basic information on the training.

To view these materials:
1) Log into Webpoint 
2) Click on the "Log into USAV Academy" button.
3) Click the Course Catalog to register for training materials.

Freestyle and 12U players
These videos are only available for free through USAV. Scorekeeping basics were covered in Boot Camp.

Here are some other score keeping tutorials and guides.  


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