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2019 Parent Informational Meeting:  tba

NEW FOR 2018 -
We are planning to expand our College Prospect Track by offering a Mid-Atlantic Level team at 15U and at least one other at the 16U-18U age ranges.  Our AAU and State (formerly "Regional") Level teams will continue to be a core aspect of our program along with our Freestyle Program.

DUE TO CHANGES IN KRVA TOURNAMENT LEVEL NAMING, WE HAVE CHANGED THE NAMES OF TWO OF OUR TEAM LEVELS TO REDUCE CONFUSION.  The former Relentless "Regional" Level teams will now be called "State" Level teams.  Super-Regional will now be called "State PLUS".  
KRVA has removed their competition level designations of Club, Mixed and Open and now replaced them with Regional, American and National.  Just as before our State Level teams may compete at any of the new designations depending on the competitive needs of each team.  The only changes are semantics.  

2017-18 TEAM LEVELS and COSTS*  2018-19 COSTS TBA

AAU Level (12 White and Blue): 
12 White: Cost -  $500* Jan- March, Practice 2x per week, 4 events - AAU single day events.
Required Uniform package will be 2 - Short Sleeve Jerseys (Silver and Cardinal) and 1 spandex.
- Happy Volley can be added for additional cost. 
12 Blue:  Cost - $225 Jan-March, Practice 1x per week, Event additional cost "pay as you go". 

State Level (Red and Gold): 13U-18U (formerly called Regional Level)
Cost - $785* , Jan-April, 6 single day events (KRVA and/or AAU)  *Events may be Open, Club, Regional, American or National Level designations.
Required uniform package will be two long sleeve Asics jerseys and one spandex. 
- Happy Volley can be added for additional cost

State PLUS Level/Gold 15U-18U - (formerly called Super Regional Level)
Cost $1,200 Jan-April, 5 Single Day KRVA/AAU events and 2 2-Day events. *
Events may be Open, Club, Regional, American or National Level designations.
Required uniform package will be two long sleeve Asics jerseys and two spandex.  
- Happy Volley can be added for additional cost

Mid-Atlantic Level/ Gold: 15U-18U– Cost $1,595   Jan-April, Includes 3 Single Day KRVA /AAU events and 4 other multi-day events (MLK, President's Day, 1 National Qualifier, 1 Added 2-Day Event).  Required uniform package will be two long sleeve Asics jerseys and two spandex.
- Happy Volley can be added for additional cost

RELENTLESS "FREESTYLE"   This will be a fantastic opportunity for players such as multi-sport athletes at both the Middle School and JV/High School levels who cannot commit to a full club season but still want to get touches on the ball!  

UNIFORMS: Team Cost DOES NOT INCLUDE UNIFORM. Players from last season can reuse their jerseys at no additional cost. New players will be required to add the cost jerseys and spandex. Players from previous seasons will have the option to purchase new uniforms per piece if they want to either update or change size or number.

Short Sleeve Jerseys - 12U - $15 each
Long Sleeve Asics Cardinal Jersey AND White Jersey -  $30 each

Spandex - $18    

Most of our teams will be AAU or State Level.  In addition: We plan to offer a 15U Mid-Atlantic Level Team and at least 1 more Mid-Atlantic Level team in the 16U-18U age ranges. 

WHAT’S INCLUDED - Most teams will typically consist of 8-10 players.  Costs are per player and include practices, tournament registration, coaching and team fees.

*FLEX SCHEDULING All teams will have a base cost and play schedule with opportunities to add events, including multi-day events and Happy Volley for additional cost. Regional Level (and up) teams will compete in KRVA and/or AAU events. Entry Level Travel will compete mainly in AAU events as well as locally sponsored middle school level events. Additions to schedules will be based on agreement of players, families and staff with consideration given to the competitive needs of each team.  

AGE LEVEL DEFINITION: Your child's "Qualifying Age" put simply would be the age they will be on Aug. 31, 2019 So if you child is 13 today, but turns 14 in mid-July... she would still be considered a 14U player.  This would mean that the youngest age level that she could compete in would be 14U. She could none-the-less compete in 15U or higher if appropriate for her skill level.

TEAM FORMATION A priority will be to develop the strongest teams that we can across the various age groups. We will then create additional teams where feasible at appropriate age and competition levels. We cannot promise that all players will be offered a position. Some players may be offered a practice player position. We are also looking at the creation of a one or more Developmental teams which will train at a higher level than our local 8 week programs but will little or no travel and/or a series of fellowship/scrimmages versus other club teams.  

WHAT AGE GROUPS WILL BE OFFERED? We encourage interested players at all age groups to tryout.  We would like to accommodate players at all age groups where there is interest. Some teams may be a combination of age groups. We anticipate fielding teams encompassing all age groups 12U-18U with multiple teams possible at some age groups.

TRYOUT ADVICE: Simply put... don't cut yourself from the team!  If you are interested in playing, come tryout. Take a shot! Don't make assumptions about who may or may not make a team or whether there is a place for you or not.  We cannot guarantee that all who tryout will make a team. However, if you don't tryout, you won't know!  There may be multiple teams formed at some age levels so even if you don't make one team, we may have a second team at that age that would be a good fit for you. 

PRACTICES: Final Practice schedules will be set once all teams are formed.  Teams will typically practice 2x per week for at least 2hrs per practice (except tournament weeks when teams will typically not have their weekend practice.) Practices will be held at various locations primarily in the State College. Most teams will have a weekend and weekday practice.  If possible we will try to schedule 2 week day practices but our ability to do so is subject to gym availability.  There will be no practices or competitions scheduled on Easter Weekend.


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