2019 FREESTYLE  2.0

Freestyle 2.0 is our 2019 reboot of the Freestyle program. 

The first two years of Freestyle have taught us what works, and what doesn't!  We feel that the core mission of Freestyle provides a much needed opportunity for busy athletes to get quality volleyball training without the commitment or cost of a full club season.  Freestyle 2.0 is also offered in lieu of "practice player" positions. 

How is Freestyle 2.0 different and how does it work? 
Freestyle 2.0 players will participate in weekly full club Open Gyms, primarily on Monday nights, along with their appropriate age group.  Rather than training as a separate group as in past seasons, Freestyle players will incorporate and intermix with other full team club members for skill training, drills and games at the Open Gyms.  This should improve training quality and opportunities for Freestyle players and they will not be dependent upon attendance of only Freestyle players.   

Will Freestyle 2.0 players play in tournaments?

Freestyle 2.0 will be primarily a TRAINING opportunity and not a competition group.  There will be no specific plans to enter any Freestyle teams into tournaments. 

Freestyle players MAY choose to attend an AAU event or two. However, this will only be done ONLY if we have a group of Freestyle players that can individually and collectively:
1) Adequately and competently cover every position
2) Commit to attend the practice sessions required to enable the installation of a simple basic lineup
3) Compete competently at their age level
4) Have a coach available to take a team to the event
5) Agree and pay in full PRIOR TO TEAM ENTRANCE to attend the event. Payment shall cover the entry fee and coaching expenses. 


Freestyle 2.0 players MAY also be invited if any when a need may arise to fill a role on a regular team. This could happen due to injury or illness on a team for an event. If this does occur, the invited Freestyle player will need to have the appropriate membership (AAU is required of all Freestyle players.  USAV/KRVA membership may be required to attend some events), will pay a portion towards the team's tournament fee and will be invited to practice with that team in preparation for the event.  

There may be Sunday afternoon scrimmage/fellowship opportunities for Freestyle players - assuming adequate participation, coverage of all positions and coach availability.  Fellowship scrimmages may be set up with other clubs in which we could possibly field a team from the Freestyle group if the preceding criteria are met.  

Who can participate?  
We will have a cap on Freestyle 2.0 enrollment of 12 players for the 13U-14U age range and 12 players in the 15U-18U age range.  Players wishing to participate should attend tryouts.  Merely attending tryouts DOES NOT guarantee placement in the Freestyle program.  Players must be in at least 7th grade to be considered for Freestyle. Players younger than 7th grade who do not make a travel team will be welcomed to participate in our Spring IPV Developmental program. 

Full Season Dec-April: $300 (includes December Sunday open gyms)
All players must have AAU membership.  Those who desire to participate in any tournaments will also be required to purchase a uniform and spandex.


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