13U-18U American and Regional Level teams will compete in AAU, JVA and other facility self-insured events such as Millersville University and Cool Springs.*   These teams will practice 2x per week and compete in 6 single day.  Our 15U-18U American Level teams may also participate in one or two 2-day events depending upon age level. 

All teams will have Open Gyms on Sunday afternoons through Nov and Dec. Full teams practices will start 2x per week in Jan through the end of April.   

AAU membership are required to for Regional and American Level teams.  For the 2020 season, a players "qualifying age" is their age on Aug. 31, 2020. For example a player who turns 16 on or before 8/31/20 must play at an age level NO YOUNGER than 16U.  She can play at 16U or higher but not at 15U or younger.  

#Full Uniform Package Includes 1- Longsleeve jerseys, 1 pair of spandex. Estimated Cost - TBA
#Additional spandex and jersey will be required for teams choosing to participate in multi-day events.  

*ALL TEAMS AT ALL LEVELS WITHIN THE CLUB WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ADD TOURNAMENTS TO THEIR SCHEDULE FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST PER TOURNAMENT. Single Day events can also be exchanged for 2 Day events for an additional per player fee.  Added events can also include Happy Volley and AAU Nationals for 15U and older Gold level teams. 

*Teams may consider entry into KRVA/USAV sanctioned events at additional cost for individual. team and coach registrations.  
Definition of Team Levels

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