Together, we have a unique opportunity to set a new standard for club volleyball in Central Pa.  And it is happening! In a town that has for years seen clubs struggle for years to field more than one or a few viable teams,  last year we fielded 10 teams. By remaining responsive to the needs of the local volleyball community we have grown from 2 teams and 20 players in 2014 to 10 teams and 92 players in 2017.  This tells me that our plan WORKS for Central Pennsylvania!  

This year we are continuing to adapt to local needs. While remaining full committed to our core AAU and Regional level teams we are expanding our College Prospect Tract (Mid-Atlantic Level teams).   Truly "High Level" clubs and teams are the ones that keep their best players playing AT AGE LEVEL surrounded by other strong players as much as possible. These teams and players compete, develop and succeed at the highest levels.  The next tier of teams are also stronger with a deeper talent pool available at each age level. We have that opportunity at Relentless. We are working very hard to build from the ground up the type of club that is both possible and needed for Central Pennsylvania.  
There may be one or two players who play "up" an age level.  However, too often a very strong age level team can be formed but instead the 4 or 5 strongest players from that group get pulled "up" to form a team at an older age. That typically results in less competitive teams and ultimately frustration that trickles down to EVERY level.  I have seen every girls club team from State College for the past 15 years. This is a cycle that has plagued club volleyball in State College for a decade or more. We have even seen that in our club at some age levels due to the numbers game. TOGETHER, WE CAN BREAK THAT CYCLE! 

Due to the demographics and geography of our area, there are times where we will by necessity have to blend age groups. However, our intention will always be to keep our strongest athletes together to ensure overall team and individual success.  Strong players competing with other strong players produces leadership, competition, success, player improvement, confidence and recognition. We have had this type of success for 3 years in a row at our 14U level. We want that pattern to continue and now carry through to the older ages. Highly successful teams can raise awareness for college recruiting as well as attract other strong players. Staying together allows players to grow together over time. Staying together provides a continuity that can enhance the team's competitiveness at a high level. Being strong at the top of each age level also produces stronger teams and opportunities for kids who may not make the "1" team. A deep pool of talent enables multiple solid teams at an age level.   Add to this our Freestyle program and we can build a strong club that serves kids at all levels. 

We have an outstanding foundation on which to build.  Let's create TOGETHER the kind of club that the kids of Central Pa both need and deserve!

Todd Horner
Relentless Club Director


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