This season Relentless made a decision to BE THE ONE.  We saw a need in Central Pa for a substantial yet financially accessible club volleyball experience for girls.  We could have sat back and asked, expected or waited for someone else do it.  But, much like years ago when I helped introduce grassroots youth developmental volleyball leagues into the area, it was time to BE THE ONE.  Expanding from two 14U travel teams to six teams ranging 12U-18U will stretch you. It will stretch your resources, personnel, patience, resolve and sanity.  Growth forces you to learn, to invest, to delegate, to train and to trust!  Bigger forces you to do more and be more, it forces you to GROW!

Each player in our club has new challenges before them.  None of our teams have played together as a unit before.  There are new players, new coaches and new roles.  Change is not comfortable.  Those who have been role players in the past are now suddenly leaders. Many are for the first time playing with kids who are mostly not from their school.  Some are playing new positions.   

My challenge to each of our players - BE THE ONE!  Volleyball is one of the ultimate team sports. However, don’t use the “team” as an excuse to shift blame and responsibility onto someone else or onto the vague collective.  A successful team is a powerful fusion of individuals who each fully embrace and perform their individual jobs in unison for the good of the whole.  When you run… your heart pumps the blood, your lungs feed it oxygen, your muscles move the legs and your eyes see the path ahead.  Each organ has its own individual job yet they work together in unison to push the whole body ahead.  If the heart fails, the legs cannot run and body falls to the ground.  Your heart has to be the one to pump the blood. That is its job.

Your team is your responsibility.  It will become a reflection of what you contribute.  Maybe in times past you could rely on someone else to take the lead. But now it is your opportunity, your time to shine!  You cannot ride the coattails of those who carried your last team. There is no one else to do your job.  Your team NEEDS you to do your job.  Your team EXPECTS you to do your job.  Whether your team needs you to get the kill, make the block, dig the shot, put up the set… you can’t wait on someone else to save the day. You can do it! BE THE ONE!  

Are your coaches or your teammates looking for perfection? No, that is an impossible burden to put on yourself or anyone else.  What we do want is that you own your role and do it as well or better than you expect your teammates to do theirs.  Don’t accept mediocrity or minimal effort from yourself. If you want a better team, make yourself better.  That will in turn make your team better.  Look for the reasons why, not the excuses for why not.

But what if I fail? What if I don’t have the confidence to get the job done? No progress comes without struggle.  Work hard to develop your skills which will increase both your confidence and your competence.  After all of this struggle and hard work, what if we lose?  To steal upon the words of Teddy Rooseveltat least fail while daring greatly, so that your place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat!  In the process, you just might succeed!



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