What is it? Freestyle will give multi-sport athletes and those who cannot otherwise commit to a full club season an opportunity to get great volleyball training without the cost and time commitment of a full club season.  This will also be an alternative to offering "practice player" positions. 

How does is work? Freestyle players will not be assigned to a specific "team".  They will practice once per week on Sundays. Players will be grouped/separated into High School and Middle School groups. We will subdivide as able and necessary so that players can train with others of similar skill level.  Training will be heavily focused on overall skill development. 

Players will have competition opportunities provided by incorporating "Fellowships" /Scrimmages with other clubs and will have the option to form teams from within their age grouping to attend some AAU tournaments to be paid for on an "a la carte" basis.  We will have a set per player fee for tournament entry to cover both tournament fees as well as additional coach compensation/reimbursement.  There is no guarantee of a specific number of competitions but we will work to provide multiple opportunities to compete and not just practice.  

Who can participate?  We will have a cap on enrollment so that we can provide a quality opportunity and training for those who do participate.  Priority will be given first to those who attend tryouts. Players wishing to participate should attend tryouts however merely attending tryouts DOES NOT guarantee placement in the Freestyle program. Second priority will be given to those who are currently on a Varsity/JV or Middle School team for their school.  We will fill other positions as available. Players must be in at least 7th grade to be considered for Freestyle. Players younger than 7th grade who do not make a travel team will be welcomed to participate in our Spring IPV  Developmental program.  

Cost:  2018 Costs 
Winter Session (Jan-Feb) or Spring Session (Mar-April)- $175 + Uniform 
Full Season (Jan-April)  $325 + Uniform

2017-18 Freestyle Groups:


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